Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

After last week's meat-a-palooza, I need a break. Not just from meat itself, although I'm sure that amount of dead animal can't be good for anyone even if I did eat different kinds of animals each day, but from the whole process of cooking meat. And relying on meat. I mean, I haven't even uploaded a post of my wonderful CSA because I'm too busy posting recipes for steak this and veal that and chicken whatever. And MAN was that a lot of cooking!

So it's time to get back to my pescetarian/vegetarian roots for a little. But it's also time for me to share the meals I make when I realllly don't feel like cooking. Which means...a new type of blog post! I haven't determined the name (damn Sandra Lee for copyrighting "semi-homemade") but they will focus on meals I make when I don't have the time, the energy, the want or any combination of the three. I'll explain more in my first post; this my friends, is what we in the biz (what biz? does anyone call their career a biz?) call a teaser.

Sunday: bangin' good shrimp, based on this recipe by SkinnyTaste

Monday: steak with snow peas

Tuesday: stuffed veal cutlet

Wednesday: dinner here with one of my favorite people

Thursday: gyoza dumplings with dipping sauce

Friday: salmon with apple and kohlrabi slaw (what is kohlrabi you ask? well good, you have the exact same question I did when I got it from my CSA)

Also, look forward to recipe posts this week like my dad's birthday/Father's Day bolognese with fresh pasta and a BLAT sandwich. Hope everyone has a fab week!

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