Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday Meal Planning

Better late than never I guess. Yesterday I hosted a Golden Globes party with a group of my friends, which involved an inordinate amount of champagne cocktails, very carb-heavy food and even Crumbs cupcakes (yeah, we do Sunday Funday like the best of them). 

This calls for a food intervention. Or a cleanse. But cleanses are, as we all know, the worst. So food intervention it is.

I'm also participating in Dinner: A Love Story's Seven Days, Seven Meals challenge --basically, you need to try out seven new recipes in seven days so you can break out of your rut. Since I've basically been eating the same meal since New Years, this is timed perfectly for me. Wish me luck! 

Monday: salmon florentine

Tuesday: sausage, peppers and onions

Wednesday: spinach and cheese ravioli with pesto

Thursday: salmon with avocado remoulade

Friday: teriyaki marined salmon

Saturday: dinner here 

Sunday: french beef and red wine stew on garlic mashed potatoes

I am going home this weekend to belatedly celebrate my mum's birthday (hence the dinner out on Saturday). But don't feel bad for her, we also celebrated her birthday the weekend before the big day. My family fully believes in birthmonths rather than birthdays. It's pretty much the best.

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