Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Meal Planning

After the past week of having something to do literally every night, I need a break...and some good home cooking. I've also made a new spring resolution (it is kind of like a New Years Resolution for procrastinators like myself) to blog my meals more! I refuse to let being busy at work keep me from showing you the delicious meals I eat on a regular basis. So you'll be seeing a lot more of me!

Also, happy passover to my Jewish readers! 

Monday: Happy Passover to my Jewish readers! I'll be having roasted garlic-shallot salmon with veggies

Tuesday: tuscan shrimp with cannelini beans

Wednesday: compound butter- broiled mussels

Thursday: sole meuniere with spinach

Friday: butter and beer boiled clams

Saturday I will be going to my parents for Easter Sunday and, unfortunately, the house is still under construction and there is no kitchen to be found! So unless the weather magically warms up to be grilling-temps, we'll be going out to dinner. Good news is that I'll be going to my favorite place, Ardmore Farmer's Market, and will be bringing back delicious meats to highlight the next week.

Also, has anyone else noticed that it is supposed to snow tomorrow...and we're only a week out from April? I'm officially a believer in climate change...

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