Thursday, May 31, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal!

It's that time of month again!! This is my second month as a foodie pen pal (see my first reveal here and details of the program from Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean here). The program is pretty amazing, with over 600 people participating, and all that it entails is buying delights (up to $15) and shipping them to your pen pal...then sit back, receive your own package and enjoy!

This month, I received a package from Jeannette of The Whimsical Cupcake. Her blog is the exact opposite of mine, so if you're craving something delicious and sweet and baked, head on over and check it out. I have to admit I spent a couple of hours reading through her entire blog so be forewarned that it will make you hungry!!! Especially this recipe, for shirley temple cupcakes because, let's be honest, everyone's favorite drink when they were young was a shirley temple!

Jeannette really hit it out of the park with me! Which is super impressive since I think the only thing I said was that I don't like coconut and that I miss Southern cooking since I've moved to NYC from Nashville. She really ran with that. And it's amazing how much she sent me! I'll be cooking Southern food for weeks, and I will NOT be complaining.

What's even more impressive is how sweet and bubbly she came across even through email. I can definitely say I will be adding her blog to my list of ones to frequent. Maybe I can actually learn how to bake something that's not from a box! (Or maybe not).

Serious, amazing stuff in my box! All Southern, all the time. I seriously couldn't have asked for more! I've already told my family about the chicken fry and the jalapeno cornbread mix and my dad made me promise not to use either unless he is around to be my taste tester!

Every woman's favorite--chocolate!
So first up, Ghirardelli's dark chocolate with sea salt and almonds. Let's be have me at chocolate. This baby was gone within a couple of days of receiving the package, so good thing I took a picture of it as soon as I unwrapped it! I highly highly highly recommend it--it was the deliciousness of chocolate covered pretzels except healthier, but with the chocolate, crunch and salt!

Carroll Shelby's Chili kit!!! 
How ironic; my Memorial Day hamburger post (which will be up tomorrow) discusses my mother's famous chili. That recipe is to come, and now I'll get to do another post on Texas chili! My mom's chili features beans, peppers, mushrooms, etc. so the chili using this mix will be a treat since it's good old Texas chili--meat, meat, meat!

Bull's Eye Kansas Style BBQ sauce
Hellooooo summer! This will be perfect on top of all of the many meats my family will be grilling down the shore. I'm thinking I might see some baby back ribs in our future...

Louisiana Fish Fry's seasoned chicken fry
My grandmother used to be absolutely famoussss for her fried chicken. Sadly, she stopped making the heart stopper before I ever had a chance to taste it--although she did continue making pan fried chicken, which was delicious, so I can only imagine how good the fried chicken was. I've never made fried chicken (although I can only begin to explain how much I enjoy eating it) so I'm REALLY looking forward to making some! 

Native Texan Fire Roasted Salsa
Get in my belly. Whoops, too late! This little baby was cracked open the same day I received my package, and I will never be the same. So.damn.good. If you see this, pick a bottle up. Or actually, pick up two and send me one. Pweeeeez?

Hodgson Mill Jalapeno Cornbread Mix
How did Jeannette know my affinity for baking from a box?! Now this, I can certainly handle. And, as I already said, I have at least one test subject...but let's be honest, like me, my entire family is obsessed with cornbread. Adding jalapenos just makes us drool a litttttle more. I see a meal of fried chicken with cornbread in our future...

I'm so psyched for every single thing Jeannette sent me, except those I already ate...which I'm no longer psyched for, I'm sad that I have no willpower and couldn't make them last longer!! And to Jeannette--I love you. Too far? Ok...Thank you, thank you, thank you. Let's become best friends. You can teach me to bake. And I Ok we'll work on our relationship...

If you want to see what I sent my foodie pen pal, check out Kelly's blog Roots and Wings! When she told me she had no access to Trader Joe's I was 1) shocked 2) saddened for her and 3) emboldened to get her hooked on my faves! Hopefully she loves everything and, for the record, I'm happy to stock you up again whenever you need Kelly!

I highly recommend becoming a foodie pen pal...who knows, maybe we'll be paired up? Head on over to The Lean Green Bean to check out the program and sign up!

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  1. I have been trying to leave a comment for what seems like DAYS! Dang!!! I am SOOOOOO glad you loved your package as much as I loved sending it. I got a little carried away but when someone tells a Southern gal that they miss southern food?! Well, I'm going to do my best to give ya a little piece of home ;) I tried to go across the board because southern food means different things to different people! I'll teach you how to bake, you teach me how to cook. Deal?! We'll be besties! Keep in touch for sure!!