Monday, July 30, 2012

A Late Sunday Meal Planning

For what was supposed to be a very mellow weekend...I'm exhausted! As you may remember, I went home to dog-sit since my parents were away and she had been at camp since Tuesday. It was so cute when I picked her up...she was doing her happy feet! (yes, very similar to the movie, where in a dog gets so excited--but is not allowed to jump up on people--that they literally dance with happiness).

My dad gets surgery this week. So, as the wonderful daughter that I am, I spent the entire weekend cooking food for him. That way, he can simply pull food out of the fridge and nuke it and have a delish meal (unlike his frozen Bertolli meals which he is so fond of). It also means my mum won't have to cook for him, which will be nice for her since she is working from home for the whole week to take care of him. Although the food I cooked is not traditional summer fare (chicken noodle soup anyone?), they are absolutely delish freezer recipes and I will be posting them all soon! Look forward to the soup, roast chicken, meatballs and pulled pork recipes. Also look forward to the meals I cooked for myself, like lobster rolls and bourbon-marinated grilled pork. 

That recipe comes from my new favorite book (from the author of my favorite blog, Dinner: A Love Story. I'm already obsessed and literally laughed out loud at some points of her and her husband's experience cooking for their two daughters. It is absolutely genius for parents of young kids who want to make dinner a family occasion nightly, but is also full of great recipes for those of us who work long hours but still want to cook a delish dinner. I highly recommend getting it off Amazon here.

Also, last week I got the most amazingggg veggies from my CSA! Literally everything I could possibly ask for -- swiss chard, romaine lettuce, potatoes, sweet corn, carrots, green beans, summer squash, zucchini, cucumber, onion, green pepper, eggplant and tomatoes! I'll be doing my best to use all of these this week, but anything left over will be taking the trek down the shore so I don't waste it.

Monday: grilled steak with tomato and mozzarella salad and green beans

Tuesday: mustardy pork chop with onions and apples

Wednesday: one of my girlfriends is coming over for dinner so I need to decide on a delish fish dish to serve! I'm going between salmon with strawberry salsa, mussels meuniere or pineapple-mojito tilapia

Thursday: halibut wrapped in swiss chard with mexican tomato rice tossed with squash and zucchini

On Friday I'm heading either back home or down the shore, wherever my dad is, depending on his surgery. Hopefully down the shore--I haven't been in a couple of weeks and I miss it!

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