Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

So this weekend I successfully cemented my place as a klutz. I've always been clumsy. Not one of those constantly-falling-over clumsy people, but more along the lines of bumping-into-things-and-bouncing-off-and-two-days-later-wondering-where-that-massive-bruise-came-from? people. This weekend I took it to all new heights, however, by spraining my ankle by slipping in wet grass. I kid you not. I was doing little besides walking then suddenly...wipe out. I now have a lovely ankle brace on, need to wear sneakers (with my work clothes starting tomorrow, which is never a good look) and have a purplish-black bruise running the length of my instep. 

Man, am I cute!

The reason I'm sharing this is that it causes a bit of a conundrum with cooking. Well, not really cooking--shopping. Living in NYC, I walk...everywhere. Including to the grocery store. Now, however, I'm not exactly balanced (which is an understatement if ever I heard one, since clearly my balance isn't great ever or I wouldn't be so clumsy!) and carrying a massive bag of groceries home is pretty daunting. 

Do I order takeout every night? Make frequent food store trips on my way home? 

I've do a bit of both. Since I just injured myself yesterday, the idea of going to ANY food store (or even walking 2 blocks out of my way to get there) sounds absolutely awful. Later this week though, I need to grow some cojones and just do it. Wish me luck!

Monday: take out (sushi, obvs)

Tuesday: salmon with sweet corn puree

Wednesday: dinner with one of my girl friends for restaurant week!

Thursday: rum and apricot/peach pork (depending on what I get from my CSA)

I'm heading home right after work  to dog sit my munchkin!  Which translates to me grabbing something on my way to the train. But it's worth it for a full weekend of just me and the bear!

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