Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

Lately, meal planning Sunday has taken an ever more important role. With my new job, I also have new hours...generally later, as my new company has a lot of big things coming down the pike (doesn't that sound fancy! PR 101: "Coming down the pike"), my hours get longer. Which makes meal planning, and effective grocery shopping, even more important, because I rarely have the time/inclination to stop at a store on my way home to get things I forgot. 

Thus this list has LITERALLY become my bible (kind of in the sense that 50 Shades of Grey replace the Bible in hotels...) If it is not on my list, it is not made...period. If I forgot something from my list and I realize it, I can stop at a store in the a.m. when I'm heading to work (thanks Trader Joe's for being open so early) or run out at my lunch break, but if I don't recognize I'm missing something taste a little different or food gets wasted. And no one likes to waste food they've paid for. At all.

In addition, long hours = little gym time. And that ain't cute on anyone. Thus...healthy food kick (luckily I don't have a live in boyfriend or he would be unnnnhappy). See lots of seafood and veggies.

Monday: mussels steamed in white wine garlic broth with pesto drizzle

Tuesday: soy-orange marinated salmon with asparagus and corn

Wednesday: salmon with strawberry salsa (side veggies: asparagus and corn again...gotta use what I buy!)

Thursday: happy hour with my new coworkers! thus--easy dinner. Italian antipasti (i.e. olives, cheese, roasted peppers and tomatoes. YUM)

Friday: oven-fried flounder with black bean and avocado salsa

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