Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday's Quick Pics

Tomorrow morning (BRIGHT and early) I will be going to the lovely city of San Francisco! Before I go, I wanted to post a speedy Friday Quick Pics so my lovely readers can see what has been going on the last few weeks...

Besides these pictures, I had the loveliest time at the Wolffer Estates in Long Island last weekend for one of my good friend's birthdays. I got to drink lots of wine in amazing weather and meet some of her best friends from home. Even better? A group of six girls, many of whom had never met each other, got along spectacularly for an entire day. Prettttttty impressive, and proof that we have sadly all grown up. 

this picture is, sadly, not from my phone, but one of the other lovely ladies

I also went home with two lovely bottles of cabernet franc, one of which is destined for my amazing parents house as a spontaneous gift for them being so awesome (Mum & Dad--if you're reading this, surprise!)

bloody mary's for game day

the BEST chocolate chip cookies

the absolutely INSANE electric zoo festival on Randall's Island
if you like techno, i highly recommend

mimosa's at my fave brunch spot

new bunch of flowers in my Santa Fe vase

no, this is not my apartment...this is my office. LOVING the new job, obvi

a cruddy picture BUT my new obsession (sorry sushi)--lobster rolls

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend--I'm sure I will!! Look forward to pictures of San Francisco (and, more importantly, San Francisco food.) I'm supposed to be going there to take photographs, but I'm really going for the food. But ssssh, don't tell my aunt!

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