Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Labor Day weekend--and is looking forward to their day off tomorrow! I can't believe it is already the "technical" last weekend of summer! I feel like it has flown usual. Why is it that beach season flies by while blizzard season lasts forever?

I can say, however, that I am looking forward to fall. Or boots and leather season, as I think of it...yes, sometimes my world does revolve around clothing. And other times around food. I'm looking forward to apples and potatoes and cold weather food, although I will 100% miss delicious tomatoes that only need a drizzle of olive oil (or just eat one like an apple, like I've been known to do) and sweet corn that is blasphemous to mess with besides a pat of butter and a sprinkle of salt.

Alas, it does not seem like the hot weather is going to go away anytime soon, so I will hold on to my grilling recipes as long as I can!

Monday: Labor Day barbecue (which is oddly reminiscent of Memorial Day BBQ) = hotdogs, hamburgers, chili etc.

Tuesday: back to the real world (aka real long work days) and back to my diet/health food kick to cleanse myself of the crap I ate this weekend...salmon with sweet corn puree and asparagus

Wednesday: chicken milanese

Thursday: vegetarian fajitas

Friday: tomato, peach and burrata salad

Although the summer season has ended, my time at the shore has not. I'm heading down again this weekend to watch one of my good friends get married on the beach to a Scottish man who will be wearing a kilt. Cannot wait to watch these two lovebirds tie the knot!

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