Tuesday, October 23, 2012

European Vacation Part One

Unsurprisingly, my favorite part of my European vacation was not the food (for once)...mainly because British food lived up to its reputation of being godawful. Seriously, I don't mean to offend anyone, but the food was just not that good. To be honest, however, I didn't really have a choice of where we ate, so there is a distinct possibilities that we just ended up at not great restaurants.

We did have a couple of good meals--a roast baby chicken at a pub in Windsor, a delicious fillet of sole with tomato buerre blanc sauce at one of the business dinners -- but the highlight was definitely on the sights. I should warn, I am a BIG fan of historical sights. And history. I'm basically a huge dweeb (surprise to all, I'm sure). 

As you may have seen from my Sunday Meal Planning post, I actually ended up getting a chemical burn in my eye because I'm dumb and got the wrong contact solution. Luckily (kind of...) it happened at the end of my trip in London, so I had my lovely Belgian friends to help me with everything. Sadly, since I was blind out of one eye for a full day, we did not get to visit the cities we had planned, but we still had a lovely time (and a delicious dinner).

Here are some of my favorite pictures that came out of my 9 day extravaganza...

one of the gates at Buckinham Palace

token London shot--Big Ben + red bus. I mean COME ON.

the changing of the Horse Guard at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

outside of Windsor Castle

interior of the Castle

More Windsor Castle (take a guess what my favorite place was...)

Tower Bridge

Tower of London -- the White Tower

The Eye

Big Ben & Parliament

Our Belgian friends purchased and remodeled (staying true to the original and even using the original wood!) a working water mill from the 1300s! SO COOL

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