Monday, October 22, 2012

Recipes I'm Excited About

Lately I've been even more obsessed with Pinterest than usual. Which is saying something since, let's be honest, I'm normally pretty damn obsessed with Pinterest. 

In fact, every single morning when I sign onto my computer I open up my personal email, my blog email (contact me at, I love to hear from you!), then open a third tab which I look at my social media sites on--first Facebook, then my Pinterest page and last Twitter. Twitter then stays up for most of the day so I can get periodic updates from all the things I care about (read: other food blogs, NY restaurants and news outlets--yes, I do get a lot of my news from Twitter and no, I'm not embarrassed by it.) 

Normally my Pinterest page gets closed after I check out new pins and add a few. Lately, though, I've been checking out food boards of people I've never heard of because the dishes on them look so good. And what a refresher for my meal planning! I've gotten entirely new ideas from websites and blogs I've never heard of.

Here are some of the recipes I am most excited to try. Most of them are very hearty and fall-like; I've clearly gotten over missing the grill and am grabbing my oven with both hands (in oven mitts, of course)!

a cozy kitchen's roasted red pepper and burrata crostini

alexandra eats' chicken legs baked with white wine, olive oil & parmigiano reggiano

ezra pound cake's salmon with basil and sweet pepper sauce

crumb blog's rustic pork ragu

paula deen's honey mustard & pecan coated lamb

bon appetit's white bean ragout and toast

babble's halloween mix

blue eyed baker's christmas crunch cookies in a jar

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