Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Meal Planning

Hello! I'm back from my wonderful European adventure. It was an absolutely amazing trip, which I will show you pictures of later, of course, but it was not without its drawbacks. Number one drawback? I came home with a chemical burn in one of my eyes. Sad thing? It happened because I incorrectly read...English. Yes, my native language. Yes, I am embarrassed. More so, however, is that i am happy that my own idiocy didn't permanently affect my vision, and I'm expected to get full vision back this week. All of us realize how important vision is but, until you come face first to a situation where you might lose it, you don't realize exactly HOW important. Well let me tell you, I was a hot mess for a couple of days, and now I can forever appreciate my already awful vision (yes, I have geek goggles and no, I will no longer be embarrassed by them)

Upon my return home, the first thing I noticed, even WITH my bum eye, was that my fridge was completely empty. Not surprising, of course, since I was away for 9 days. But still, how depressing is that?? No joke the only thing I have in there is 4 bottles of water -- poland spring, obvs -- a couple of sticks of butter and mayonnaise. Yep, that is it.

So today is a big day. I obviously have to go food shopping. But, more excitingly, I also get my dog for the week! Have I told you about my Italian dog? Obviously you've seen the pictures of the adorable Kodibear...

...well I get this little fluffernutter for a full week while my parents gallavant around Italy (rude!)

So, as a treat for her, since she has been in the kennel for 10 days, I will be cooking my own dinner today, but also meatballs for my Italian dog. Italian dog? Yes. She is absolutely obsessed...with Italian food. Meatballs? Done. Pasta? Yep. Braciola? Licking the bowl. 

Besides making meatballs, here are the other meals I will be cooking this week...

Sunday: Spinach and ricotta chicken

Monday: mexican lasagna

Tuesday: salmon with clementine and avocado salsa

Wednesday:  shrimp and guacamole tostadas

Thursday: sole with eggplant and roasted red peppers

Friday:  crostini with ricotta, fig jam, proscuitto and basil

Saturday: big concert--whatever I have time for!


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