Monday, November 5, 2012

European Vacation Part 2

Hurricane Sandy did quite a bit of damage, as I'm sure many of you have seen (unless, of course, you haven't turned on your TV lately and its not because your power is off because OBVS you would know about the damage if you don't have any power...)

So I like to think about, well, basically anything besides Sandy. Like, for example, a marvelous trip I recently took to Europe? Although I already told you all about the lovely sites I've seen, its about time to tell you about the food.

To be honest, a lot of the food was...not so good. I think, if I returned to London, I would be perfectly fine eating out every single night at places I researched and selected. That being said, there were definitely some highlights, and not all of them occurred in Belgium (although the number one highlight most definitely did...Belgian mussels? DUH!)

Harrod's chocolate display

Harrod's shellfish counter

 Harrod's seafood counter

High tea at the Intercontinental 

the sandwiches at high tea

the petit fours at high tea

the best treat at high tea--scones with clotted cream and fresh jam

"A Taste of Britain" cheese platter

scone obsessed!

Belgian butcher shop

best meal of the trip...Belgian mussels!

Belgian specialty...don't ask me what it was, but it reminded all of us of an open-face chicken pot pie. also delicious!

how Belgians stack their mussels when they're done...a lot nicer than what I do!

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