Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post-Sandy Sunday Meal Planning

Hurricane Sandy was, to put it frank, a bitch. The entire week my company has worked out of "satellite offices"...the formal name for "one of my colleagues apartments". The one benefit of the situation was that we ordered breakfast, lunch and often dinner, every single day. The bad news? The stuff we ordered was not exactly healthy. 

To be frank, Sandy made me fat!

Or at least heavier. And this isn't in the "girls complain cause they've been eating real food" kind of complaint. This is the "I went to the gym and the scale really did move and it hasn't moved back so oh crap is that here to stay?" kind of complaint. And gaining weight right before the holiday season is never good, because, lets be honest, you GAIN WEIGHT during the holiday season! And I just don't have enough money to buy an entire wardrobe cause I can't keep food out of my gullet.

So, its back to healthy eating (I feel like I say that all the time...maybe I need a life change...) So I'm turning to my favorite trainers, Katrina & Karena of Tone It Up!, and doing the seven day slim down.

Hardest part? No booze. Best part? A visible change in your body and a jump start to your diet. Both things I need. So I'll just have to miss my wine for a week and fall back in love with eating healthy.

Step one? Sunday meal planning. Breakfast all week will be great yogurt, fruit salad and a small handful (read=12) almonds. Lunch? Vegetarian fajitas, no rice, no tortilla. Basically Mexican flavored veggies with black beans. Dinners? Take a look...

Sunday: oven-baked flounder with black bean and avocado salsa, served with sauteed spinach and asparagus

Monday: vegetable soup, based on my attempt at a recipe cooked by my family's Belgian friends

Tuesday: chile-rubbed salmon with avocado salsa

Wednesday: spinach stuffed chicken baked in white wine sauce

Thursday: this recipe

Friday: butternut squash soup

...pretty good for eating healthy, huh?

Also, this week I will FINALLY post about the food I ate in Europe! I've been a little delayed since my vacation part one post, but a hurricane will do that...


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