Monday, November 12, 2012

Salmon Served with Avocado Chunks

If you read my blog frequently (which you should, I'm totally funny and have great recipes!), you know that there are certain ingredients that I am absolutely obsessed with. Tomatoes is clearly number one. Salmon is probably right up there, following closely by avocado and corn. Hence the reason why recipes like guacamole and southwest salsa are so frequently in rotation at my apartment (and my parent's house, and my aunt's...basically anywhere I cook.) Any recipe that hits a couple of these is going to be cooked often.

But, more importantly that including my fave ingredients, it is the meal that stops me from signing onto my seamless account and ordering food from my local sushi place. Ordering food is so easy (I mean you don't even have to talk to someone!) , whereas cooking after a long day sometimes just feels...overwhelming. Like the last thing you want to do. Like if you have to actually cook something you might just break down in tears. 

Or maybe that last one is just me.

Anyway, after a week of ordering out every single meal because New York grocery stores still didn't have food as a result of Sandy, I needed to get back into the swing of actually cooking for myself. But as I'm sure you all know, once you get out of your routine, it can be pretty difficult to get back in. So sticking to simple things that aren't overwhelming is the best bet. 

Although my Sunday Meal Planning had lovely ideas for dinners this week, when it came to actually shopping, it just seemed way too difficult to set out bowls to dredge a fish, or mix up a serious salsa. This recipe was staring me in the face--one that I've been dying to make but have always thought was a bit simple.

This week? Simple was good. Simple was perfect. Simple was basically all I could handle. So simple it was...salmon served with avocado chunks with sides of asparagus and a baked potato.

Want to hear how simple?

4-6 oz. piece of salmon
Trader Joe's soyaki marinade (or another marinade of your choice)
Red onion
  1. Walk in door
  2. Turn the oven to 450F
  3. Put salmon in a marinade (Trader Joe's soyaki)
  4. Turn on TV.
  5. Change from work clothes into house clothes (read=pajamas)
  6. Put salmon in oven
  7. Pour glass of wine
  8. Put baked potato in microwave (4 minutes on high)
  9. Drink half glass of wine
  10. Add asparagus to salmon tray (toss with olive oil, salt and pepper first)
  11. Rotate baked potato and finish microwaving (4 more minutes on high)
  12. Chop avocado chunks and red onion (use as much as you prefer)
  13. Take salmon out of oven
  14. Top salmon with avocado chunks. 
  15. Add asparagus and baked potato to plate.
  16. Eat

Yep. That's all folks. 16 steps total, with only nine related to food, three of which relate to a microwave and three are plating. Active steps? One...chopping.

I think even the most exhausted cook could handle this recipe.

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