Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Quick Pics

I would like to share an important accomplishment this week...I have gone to my gym (the lovely Equinox) every single day this week. Yes! I have finally gotten back into the swing of things and am on track to lose all of the post-Sandy post-Thanksgiving weight I (accidentally) gained. Which is good, because it will free up some space for the weight I will gain over Christmas (kidding! hopefully...)

My freezer mystery meal...which I first thought was stuffed shells...and then thought was baked ziti...was actually LASAGNA!

Spinach & ricotta stuffed chicken...recipe to come!

Bareburger's California bison burger

The best mussels in Manhattan at The Markt, a Belgian restaurant owned by a man who is actually good friends with the Belgian friends we saw on our Eurotrip!

Back at the Committed Pig the day after Thanksgiving

Chicken noodle soup, perfect for the cold weather NYC has been having!

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