Friday, February 10, 2012

Restaurant Review: Schiller's Liquor Bar

So I gave in and tried Schiller's again. (as some of you may remember, the first time I went with A. and D., we had an 8:30 reservation and finally sat at...9:55. As you can guess, I was not a happy camper...)

Yes, I opentabled it. Again. This time they actually sat us at our reservation time. Not really shocking since it was 6:00 (K and I had a party to attend that we had to get dressed up for, so an early dinner followed by fanciness ensued).

I wanted to hate it. I really did. I was still QUITE annoyed about the last time I was there. But it's hard to be annoyed when I got an entire bottle of wine for $22. It was the cheap one this time, but it was delicious.

Our "cheap" bottle of wine was an Italian Montepulciano

This time I successfully took pictures of both of our meals. I guess when I'm not distracted by my annoyance of being sat an hour and a half after my reservation I actually remember that I have a restaurant review blog and that photos are kind of a necessity.

We started with oysters (of course...every time I eat ANYWHERE with K that offers oysters, he always orders them). In fact, the first time I ever tried oysters was with him about 6 months ago, which is kind of surprising cause I pretty much eat anything. So now he thinks they're "our thing" and he has good taste in oysters so I dont do anything to ruin this idea. Sorry about it.

Steamed mussels...YUM. Burnt fingers from the mussel pot...OW.

I, of course, ordered the delicious mussels again. And, again, they were banging. As were the fries. Seriously, I would take a $20 cab here and a $20 cab home JUST FOR THE MUSSELS. They are TO DIE. Get them. Right now.

Why are you still reading? I'm serious. Go.

Fish and chips, with the famous chips. K thought they were as good as I told him. Victory!

Since I had been raving about the fries all day, and K knows damn well that I am not the best at sharing (just kidding, I'm actually surprisingly good at sharing. Mainly cause I want to try the dishes of other people at my table. It's kind of selfish, but it comes across as very giving), he ordered the fish and chips. The fish was perfectly fine, not as good as something you could get in England or anything like that, but he got what he wanted--fries. And damn those fries were good.

Ok, ok, I revise my opinion and say go to Schiller's...but only if you order cheap wine and mussels. Trust me, it's for the best.

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