Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Restaurant Review: The Smith

Last weekend the boy came up to NYC for his birthday and we seriously had a fatass weekend. We ordered about $120 worth of sushi on Friday after he arrived then went to the Rusty Knot for his "surprise" party (which would have actually been a surprise if only his friends werent complete idiots...). On Saturday we started with a fabulous brunch at The Smith in the East Village, followed by a wonderful discovery of Trader Joe's wine shop (sorry wallet) and for dinner I dragged him back to Schiller's so I could re-try their food when I wasnt annoyed. I wrote Schiller's Part 2 earlier this week, so check it out.

Interior of The Smith (East Village), courtesy of thesmithnyc.com

We arrived at The Smith to a crowd at the door. We'd just gotten out of a $20 cab from the UWS side and I was dreading walking in the door...so I sent K in (seriously, what else are they for?). I was happy when two seconds later he poked his head out to say our table was ready. Yay restaurants that actually SAVE tables for people with reservations!

Obviously the first thing we did was order drinks. I ordered a bloody mary and he went with a mimosa...and then joked about how manly he is (but seriously, is there anything funnier than a 6' guy drinking out of a champagne flute? i think not). I'm not sure what got into my head that I wanted a bloody mary cause, well, to be honest I dont even like them. So that lasted all of 2 seconds before I stole his mimosa and he settled for a beer.

Drunk night + pretzels in morning = happy couple.

Since we managed to refrain from drunk eating the night before, we had not eaten for 15 hours...which is obviously WAY too long for me. So when we ordered our drinks I also ordered the baked pretzels with honey mustard. I have to say, one of the reasons I really like pretzels is because of the salt. I'm one of those people who will pull apart a pretzel so I can eat the salty parts and leave the plain ones. These pretzels...not salty. And yet, so delicious. The honey mustard was awesome--honey upfront with a little kick at the end.

Half eaten. Whoopsies. I was hungryyyy.

Little known fact about me--I always order steak frites at brunch. Always. I'm kind of a connoisseur (by the way, the BEST steak frites ANYWHERE on the eastern seaboard is at Parc in Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Square. To die.). This steak frites was good...the chimichurri sauce it came with though, not so much. It was...odd. Seriously weird. It was delicious, but just did not go well with the steak. I would have loved to drizzle that ish over a good piece of halibut or sole though. That would have been delicious!

Sadly, I do not have a picture of what K ate. Mainly because his fat ass ate it before I had a chance! He would like for me to report, however, that the "country breakfast", which included scrambled eggs, cheddar grits, grilled ham steak, biscuit and gravy, was absolutely delicious. He also blames my friend A for talking so much about grits in our 3:30 a.m. cab the night before for basically making his breakfast decision for him.

All in all, I was very happy with the Smith. Would I go back? No, but that's mainly because it's hard to get to from the Upper West Side--there's no good subway and cabs are, as I reported, about $20. If I lived in the UES or downtown, I would definitely frequent The Smith for brunch, and if their brunch was any indication, for other meals as well.

If you'd like to visit one of The Smith locations in NYC, check out thesmithnyc.com. I personally have heard mixed reviews of the midtown version so recommend you visit The Smith-East Village at 55 Third Ave. And enjoy!

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