Friday, March 30, 2012

Fun Foodie Stuff

Sorry team...I've been slacking off this week for posting. I did make some great meals this week and will be posting an exorbitant amount of recipes next week.

These babies (mozzarella-stuffed meatballs) will be making an appearance...

I've had a really hectic week at work, but I have managed to do a few fun foodie things that I want to share:

1. I've joined a CSA! For those of you that don't know, CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It's a great way to buy local, seasonal food and support local farmers at the same time--you sign up for a "share" and each week pick up a box of seasonal food. I joined the Roxbury Farm CSA and am SO LOOKING FORWARD to six months of fabulous food. I signed up for the vegetable share and also added on a fruit one. They have meat, lamb, and poultry shares, but I don't eat enough meat for those to be worthwhile. If you're interested, find a CSA in your's a great way to eat healthy, be green AND support local farmers.

2. I'm a foodie pen pal! I joined Lindsay's (the fabulous blogger behind Lean Green Bean) pen pal group. Each month, Lindsay sends those of us participating the name and email of another foodie, either a blogger or a reader, and we each spend $15 getting great foodie gifts to send to one another along with something written--a recipe, an explanation of the box, whatever. Readers can also send guest posts if their penpal that month is a blogger! It sounds super fun and I'm looking forward to April 5th when I get my pen pal's name. I already have some pretty fun ideas of things to send. 

3. Well number three isn't exactly a straight foodie thing, but I'm very excited about it, so I want to share! On Sunday, Uplift Studios opens! Uplift studios is the brick and mortar location for the wonderful Rogue Female Fitness trainers, a workout group for all women that, following the workouts, would go out for drinks! On April 10th, Daily Candy is sponsoring a Workout & Wine session, and I already signed up! It's only $25 and you get a workout and get to meet other women who are also interested in a healthy lifestyle. It's basically a win-win and I can't wait. 

That's all for today! Keep an eye out next week for a ton of new posts, especially since Saturday I'll be going home to Philly for an eye doc appt and will be cooking a fab dinner for my fam...and testing out a new recipe for homemade ricotta! Can't wait to share my results...

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