Friday, March 23, 2012

New addition! Friday's Quick Pics

So, in case you haven't seen, I am officially revamping Sea Salt n Pepa. I deleted a ton of old posts that I didn't like and added a new background, larger photos and now I'll be introducing some posts that I'll do weekly. I got positive feedback for my first "Quick Pics" at the end of February, so I will be doing this weekly in an edition called "Friday's Quick Pics".

As I explained in that post, I don't eat fancy food like what I post on my blog every single night. Number one, that would be a pain in the butt to photograph everything with my SLR! Number two, I like having simple meals! Too much fancy food makes for an unhappy Andie.

I'm sure you all do the same--have a family meal that you spend time preparing, or a dinner for a special occasion, or just feel like cooking one night and need a great recipe. Fabulous, that's what my posts are for! But you also have nights you come home late from work, or your kid has a game, or you're just exhausted and really don't feel like cooking but don't really feel like take out either.

That's what Quick Pics is for--to give you ideas for meals that are a bit basic, a bit simple and a lot fast. I hope my everyday meals help you change up your rotation of recipes and throw in a couple of new ones. It's also a chance for me to share more of myself with my lovely readers. Today is the start of that, as I share a few secrets with all of you...

This, my darling readers, is my breakfast! I know, it's not the normal breakfast of champions. But...

Secret #1: I don't like breakfast foods. 

Like at all. I don't like cereal, I barely like eggs, I don't even eat french toast! The only breakfast I do eat is an omelet when I go to brunch or I'm out, but I don't even like that enough to make it everyday.

Secret #2: I'm not a morning person. 

Well...I kind of am (don't hate me) as in, I pop right out of bed and it doesn't take me a while to wake up. But wake up earlier than absolutely necessary? Hell to the no.

So every morning, while some people eat cereal or a waffle or whatever else normal people eat, I have fruit and cheese. It's very European of me. At least that's what I tell myself...

Secret #3: I'm a wino. 
A serious, honest-to-goodness, dont-get-in-the-way-of-my-wine-glass, might-have-a-problem wino. The work day isn't over until my glass of wine is poured. Thank god for wine.

Here is an example of the less-than-blogworthy (which makes no sense since surprise! it's on my blog) dinners I make. This is baked orange roughy with a butter beurre blanc sauce, mashed potatoes (out of the refrigerated packs, obviously) and roasted asparagus. The orange roughy and roasted asparagus were put onto a tin-foil lined baking sheet with a little bit of olive oil and baked at 350F. The buerre blanc was made on the stove top and is just some butter and some white wine, no specific measurements needed. All done in 30 minutes, including eating.

This is the wonderful DiBruno Bros. eggplant lasagna. Row after row of eggplant with gooey ricotta/mozzarella mixture and tomato sauce. YUM!

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