Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Restaurant Review: Pub and Kitchen - Philadelphia

Last weekend I came home to pack some things that need to come back to NYC and had a date with K at a restaurant he used to work at, Pub and Kitchen. This was the second time I've been there, but the only time I ate--the first time I went when he still worked there for the free drinks. What?! I'm no sucker.

Anyway, I've been looking forward to trying P&K since he's been raving about it for over two years. Seriously. No food is so good you talk about it for TWO years. Well, almost none.

Anyway, I digress. As many of you have most likely gathered, we're fatasses. And although we're not boyfriend and girlfriend now, we've dated for so long we still act like we are...and share food. So of course the first question was what appetizers we were sharing! K was having some serious decision difficulties for both apps and his main--he kept going back and forth between the salmon and the mussels. So...duh!...I ordered the mussels for an appetizer. This is a trick that my uncle (RIP, I miss you everyday) taught my family in St. Maarten. Every single time we got to a restaurant, my uncle would order a full-size pizza (it's a french island and wood burning ovens cranking out margherita pizzas were literally everywhere) as a "taste". So I come by ordering main courses as appetizers by genetics. Kind of. We werent actually blood since he was married to my mum's sister, but whatever. Genetics. Count it.

The mussels were awesome. Although K gave up liquor for Lent and apparently forgot that the mussels are cooked in beer...I was hoping that meant that I'd get them all (muhaha) but, alas, it didnt. Anyway, the mussels were Blue Bays steamed in a lager with spiced lamb sausage and served with fries. The fries were pretty banging too, but the mussels were amazing. I'm a sucker for a good mussel.

I let K order for me and he ordered "The Churchill". The Churchill is a Pat LaFrieda burger, which is custom blended for P&K, served with sauteed onions and (more) fries. It was...good. I'll be honest, it was probably better than I think, but I live in NYC and don't think Pat LaFrieda burgers are anything special since every Tom Dick and Harry restaurant has them. Also, I'm not the biggest fan of burgers...or meat in general, since I was a pescetarian for years and have only recently started to re-eat meat, and only when I'm at restaurants. I wanted to love it...but I didnt. If you're a burger guru though, I'd place the bet that you would really like it.

K's meal, on the other hand, was banging. Should have ordered the fish...*sigh*. He ordered that night's special, which was pan seared striped bass with crispy skin over mashed potatoes. It was awesome. I would have forced him to trade, as I often do, except he's more religious than I am and couldn't eat meat since it was a Friday. Instead, I'm sure he went home starving, but my selfish instincts were kicking in (that and he ordered the burger for me, so it was his own fault!)

Overall, I really liked pub & kitchen. If he were to ask me on a date, I would go again. I don't think I would go by myself or with my fam though. You wouldnt have to twist my arm to get me to return though. But, if I do, I'm going to stick with the fish...

To learn more about Pub & Kitchen, and the famous pabbit in their logo, visit [however, the website is USELESS, which makes me dislike the restaurant a little bit to start...if you'd like a menu, check out the philadelphia menupages, it's on there.] If you're a Philadelphian, you can find the restaurant at 1946 Lombard Street.

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